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OPENING SANATORIUM "RADON" - the professionalism and quality for all, health - for everyone!

Book your ticket!

Book your ticket!

 Please check prices and book a ticket you can call: (04338) 22 879, 0934428533 or by filling out an electronic form on the site.



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* Sales Department tours, reservations - (04338) 22879; 0934428533; 09916322030

* Chief nurse - Poberezhets Lubov - (04338) 25357;

* Chief Doctor - Bevz Ludmila - (04338) 21734;

* Director Sanatorium - Nikolai Mikhailovich Andreychuk - tel / fax: (04338) 22627;

Sanatorium treatment.

The main medical profile of the sanatorium - rheumatology and neurology. The main natural healing factor - the mineral water radon. The mainstay of treatment - Balneotherapy. Accepted for treatment of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems, urinary and respiratory systems, patients with skin diseases, metabolism disorders. Patients who have suffered a myocardial infarction rate reabiitatsii recommended no earlier than 6 months.

Medical procedures that are included in the cost of sanatorium vouchers in the full range we can offer to adults only. Children under 12 years of treatment is not carried out. For children 12 years we can offer only some procedures, after consultation with the doctor. For example, some spa treatments, massage, speleological chamber.

Period of stay at the resort - not less than 10 days, although recommended by doctors, the best period to achieve the best outcome of treatment - 18 - 21 days.

Check - in date and length of stay in the sanatorium - your choice.

Medical examination you can get on arrival at the resort.

We provide a wide range of medical procedures that are included in the cost of sanatorium - resort tour, and if you wish - optional services that require an additional fee.


Treatment and rest in a sanatorium Khmelnik "Radon" pleasant in all seasons. We offer effective treatment, comfort and quality rest.