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OPENING SANATORIUM "RADON" - the professionalism and quality for all, health - for everyone!

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Book your ticket!

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* Sales Department tours, reservations - (04338) 22879; 0934428533; 09916322030

* Chief nurse - Poberezhets Lubov - (04338) 25357;

* Chief Doctor - Bevz Ludmila - (04338) 21734;

* Director Sanatorium - Nikolai Mikhailovich Andreychuk - tel / fax: (04338) 22627;

Medical treatment and additional services

Medical procedures that are included in the cost of sanatorium - a resort stay.

 Medical supervision and physician on duty medical staff.

 4 times a day diet (diet number 5, 7, 8, 9, 15), the system pre-orders.

Laboratory diagnosis (indication) for automated equipment
 using a painless method of taking the capillary blood (enough only 2 ml of blood)

- Blood glucose (if indicated - in dynamics).

 Instrumental diagnostics:

 - ECG on admission (according to the testimony - in dynamics),
 - Reovazo-, rheoencephalography (indication).

Individual counseling (if indicated) a cardiologist,
 neurologist, physiotherapist, doctor, physical therapy, orthopedic trauma,
 gynecologist, urologist, allergist.

 The course of medical procedures (strictly on prescription):

- Spa:
- Radon baths;
- Bishofit (effective for diseases of the musculoskeletal system);
- Bromine, conifer-pearl (soothing effect, normalization of sleep);
- Turpentine (improved peripheral circulation);
- Local radon baths (for hands and feet).
- Therapeutic massage,
- Thermotherapy (pelotherapy, mud)
- Electrotherapy:

- D'arsonvalizatsiya;

- Magnet;
- Electrophoresis;
- Diadynamic;
- Amplipuls therapy;
- Ultrasound therapy;
- Microwave therapy;

- Phototherapy:

- Laser therapy;
- Ultraviolet radiation;
- Tube-quartz.
- Oxygen cocktail

- Physiotherapy:
- Physiotherapy Method Evminov;
- Hydrokinesitherapy (indication);

- Training in the gym with an exercise physiologist.

 In addition:

- Blood pressure - if necessary;

- Medicinal teas;

- Dry carbon dioxide or dry radon baths (with contraindications for balneotherapy);
- Healing of the soul (upward, circular, Charcot, underwater shower-massage);
- Underwater stretching the spine (strictly on the testimony);
- Medicines for emergency care;

- Treatment of male and female reproductive system by means of physical therapy complexes (urological and gynecological);
- Radon gynecological irrigation water;

- Mineral water for the treatment of gastrointestinal and urinary tract (Morshinskaya, Zbruchanskaya).

 Discharge - the final acceptance of physician recommendations.

 Additional services (not included in the price):

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

Decompression traction (dry traction) on the unit TRA Computer (Germany).
Pressure therapy - lymph swelling, weight gain, cellulite (the first procedure - for free).
Cryo-and infra-red sauna (the first procedure - for free).
Ultrasound diagnosis of the Japanese unit TOSHIBA XARIO:
- Thyroid;
- Breast cancer;

- Pelvic;
- Abdomen;
- Joints;
- Vessels.
Biochemical studies of blood.
Express - diagnosis of hepatitis, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, etc.

SPA-procedures, and other types of massage (chakra-stone, cellulite, vacuum, massage the face and neck).