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Book your ticket!

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* Sales Department tours, reservations - (04338) 22879; 0934428533; 09916322030

* Chief nurse - Poberezhets Lubov - (04338) 25357;

* Chief Doctor - Bevz Ludmila - (04338) 21734;

* Director Sanatorium - Nikolai Mikhailovich Andreychuk - tel / fax: (04338) 22627;

Treatment and diagnosis in sanatorium Radon


Since the main curative factor is the unique resort in composition radon mineral water, Radon, in the spa treatment is presented in a sanatorium in the full spectrum. All types of baths (radon baths for hands and feet for local (two-and four-chamber), the general, half-baths, whirlpool, whirlpool baths for the face). In balneotherapy applied and other types of baths: coniferous, bromine, turpentine, aromatic baths.
All kinds of therapeutic showers - upward, circular, shower, underwater shower-massage.

Dry carbonic dry and radon baths.

  Pelotherapy (from the Greek "pelos" - clay, mud therapy - mud baths).

The second most important factor in therapeutic spa Khmelnik - therapeutic peat mud. Heat treatment - one of the most extended and effective methods of physiotherapy for the treatment of joint diseases, trauma, injury, neuralgia, neuritis.Therapeutic peat applications may be appointed by the contraindications to radonobalneoterapii. During the procedure, you will feel a pleasant warmth, come crawling - a result of the influence of formic acid and essential oils.The effectiveness of peat applications - improving the health of 89% of patients.


The spine   - "support" our health. Most of our illnesses are due to its poor condition. Sanatorium "Radon" offers a range of services for the treatment of diseases of the spine:
-Underwater vertical traction the spine  - the mechanical stretching of the back patient who has been placed in minipool. The result is relaxation of the periarticular muscles, joints and intervertebral decompression of spinal segments;
-Traction therapy device for TRA Computer - a "dry" stretching the spine. Due to the direction of the static load on the spine in a patient arises decompression of intervertebral discs, reduced mobility of the individual vertebral motor segments;

Нand massage;
Medical Injectables and blockade.

Electrotherapy - more than 20 types of currents, galvanic. Magnetic therapy - effects on the method of alternating magnetic fields on the device "Dimap V».Ultrasound and phonophoresis therapeutic drugs - effects on the body by high-frequency mechanical vibrations of an elastic medium. Light therapy (laser, UV treatment, polarizes light.) Microwave therapy unit in the Dutch «RADARMED».

It's no secret that the state of reproductive organs in males affects the personal life, career and wealth. Urological diseases affecting up to 80% of men of mature age, and chronic prostatitis - the most frequent disease.With our complex urological appartnym you can forget about the problems in this area. The laboratory conducted a study of urine, juice and smear the prostate from the urethra to detect infection and inflammation of the prostate.

At your service - an experienced gynecologist and a series of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures: pelvic irrigation, swabs from Saks mud and physiotherapy treatment for special gynecologic complex.


Use for therapeutic purposes microclimate of salt mines.Modern speleological chamber is a specially equipped room on the walls of which has been specially coated salt. It helps to maintain aseptic conditions and hypoallergenic environment.Inside the salt mine the patients are in special clothes, lie on the comfortable chairs to relax and fall asleep to the classical or relaxing music. The session is for adults continues 1 hour, 30 minutes for children. An excellent choice for frequently ill SARS, people with allergies.

  Therapeutic exercise
Physiotherapy, training in the gym, hydrocolonotherapy (exercise in water, using a variety of shells for the prevention and treatment of diseases), path, dosed walking.

Clinical and biochemical studies of blood on the automated equipment, using a painless method of taking the capillary blood (enough only 20 ml - more than 30 parameters). Clinical analysis of urine. Functional studies.

This modern method of treatment.Ozone is easy to use, highly effective, has virtually no side effects. It is used in cosmetic applications. Injection of ozone lead to a rapid smoothing of inflammatory sites without scar obkalyvanie ozone - an unbeatable way to remove "spider veins". Ozone therapy - an alternative to liposuction, is used in the treatment of all stages of cellulite in the form of microinjection. Ozone has no contraindications, but gives lasting and lasting.

  Juice bar
Oxygen Cocktail - receiving oxygen foam.The great advantage of such a cocktail - its 100% absorption, as through the stomach enters the tissue is 10 times more oxygen than the lungs.Mineral water "Zbruchanskaya", "Morshinskaya", increases intestinal peristalsis, stimulates zhelchevyvedenie, have a mild laxative effect, a beneficial effect on the genitourinary system. Herbal teas, medicinal, health - are made from organic herbs and berries.Large selection for every taste.

   Infrared Sauna
This unique system of integrated health improvement and rejuvenation of the body.In the sauna, skin temperature increased by about 10 degrees and the body temperature by about one degree, which leads to increased resistance, joints and ligaments become stronger and more flexible, improves the function of internal organs.
Two million sweat glands in our skin begin to actively work with and then select all sorts of substances harmful to the body, actively burns fatskin becomes smooth and elastic.
Over 10 sessions, the weight is reduced by about 1- 3 kg.
Significantly improved overall health.

At the time of the procedure in humans is natural stimulation of the immune system, aimed at the revision of all the organs, stabilize hormones, metabolism, obtaining stable vitality due to additional release of endorphins (happiness hormones).Cryosauna most strongly affects the skin - improves microcirculation and optimizes metabolism, increases the turgor of the skin, improves its appearance. Effective method for the treatment of aerocryotherapy excess weight and cellulite.