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OPENING SANATORIUM "RADON" - the professionalism and quality for all, health - for everyone!

Book your ticket!

Book your ticket!

 Please check prices and book a ticket you can call: (04338) 22 879, 0934428533 or by filling out an electronic form on the site.



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* Sales Department tours, reservations - (04338) 22879; 0934428533; 09916322030

* Chief nurse - Poberezhets Lubov - (04338) 25357;

* Chief Doctor - Bevz Ludmila - (04338) 21734;

* Director Sanatorium - Nikolai Mikhailovich Andreychuk - tel / fax: (04338) 22627;

About Radon spa town of Кhmelnik

   Between the two arms of the Southern Bug River in the historic part of the island resort town Khmelnik, located recreation center and health "Radon".

    Name of nursing home is not accidental.The institution of the same name used mineral water radon own well and took a rest, since 1967, winning the trust and recognition among the guests of the resort, but went into decline during the adjustment.

   The resort's health Khmelnik people come from various diseases of musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems, respiratory and gastro-intestinal tract, allergies, infertility and impotence, prostatitis and obesity.

   The effectiveness of treatment of disease of a wide range is to use mainly natural factors - the radon waters and peat mud, with a minimum use of drugs.Such a strategy makes it possible to cleanse the body of harmful chemicals, which is overrun and so is our life.

    We have preserved an invaluable experience which was accumulated over the years, and we offer you a quality vacation, professional treatment and high quality service.

   Today, in place of a former housing has grown a single architectural ensemble that brings together under one roof:

 2 bedroom housing; 

health and fitness center; 

concert hall;

conference room;

dining hall 2.

   Treatment, food and accommodation under one roof - this is particularly important when the window is rain, snow, and warm smiles of our guests a friendly staff in a homelike atmosphere ...

   Sanatorium "Radon" offers additional services:

  restaurant "Visit";
  bar "Visit";
  all-night drugstore;
  non-stop supermarket with a department of cosmetics;
  beauty shop;
  entertainment (concert hall nursing home);
  bank terminal;
  Free parking.

    The luxurious and elegant resort lobbies with leather furniture you're not bored of waiting.

The order of admission:

Reception resort around the clock.

Our guests arrived for treatment, may pay the ticket directly to the checkout resort on arrival.

Distinguished guests!

We strongly recommend arriving at the treatment issue in the community outpatient's card and your passport. For children: birth certificate, spa card (in case of preventive treatment), a reference epidemiological situation.


Children of any age are admitted to a sanatorium of treatment - from 12 years! (Only if accompanied by adults).